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Rocks, Minerals and Gems

July 27, 2011

Way back in the Autumn a boy in our class brought in a map of where different rocks and gems come from. Lots of children brought in their own rocks to match to the map. In the last week of term Mr Quinlan found a collection of different types of rocks he had when he was young, and this inspired the project to take off again!

Here are some videos of the learning that they did…


Stop Litter!

July 26, 2011

A while ago three girls from our class noticed that there was a lot of litter outside the classroom. They decided to clear it up and worked hard to put it all in the bin. A few days later they came back to find the place full of litter again!

They decided this was a problem, and to solve it they needed to persuade people to put their litter in the bin. To do this they created a video and a website to show just why you should put some effort into stopping litter.

The Stop Litter Website


A broadcast from the non-fiction publishers…

January 29, 2011