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Rocks, Minerals and Gems

July 27, 2011

Way back in the Autumn a boy in our class brought in a map of where different rocks and gems come from. Lots of children brought in their own rocks to match to the map. In the last week of term Mr Quinlan found a collection of different types of rocks he had when he was young, and this inspired the project to take off again!

Here are some videos of the learning that they did…


Local History at Hall Green Library

March 15, 2011

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This afternoon we went to Hall Green Library to investigate local history. The library has a collection of Maps of our local area from different times in History, and lots of old photographs.

In the comments

What did you learn from looking at the Maps and photographs?

How was our local area different in the past?


Precious Rocks, Gems and Minerals

January 14, 2011

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4OQ have been looking at rocks gems and minerals. you can get a precious rock’s :gems and minerals poster from a newsagent . Some of us have brought some in gold comes from spain, fluorite comes from china,tigers’ eye comes from spain,amethyst comes from brazil,pyrite comes from peru,rock crystal comes from brazil,rose Quartz comes from brazil and black onyx comes from china also a ruby ,sunstone and the ones we dont have ,admite,stilbite,talc,wood opal,red gypsum.

By Robert, Shaka, Tyron, Callum and Rahul