Blog guidelines

– Please do not use names of people in photos or videos. That is what we have agreed with parents.

– For your safety please do not use full names.

– Only use your school email address.

– Please write your comments in standard English (not slang or text speak). This helps you practice your writing skills, and is a polite way to write for people we don’t know.


  1. Hello 4OQ
    I recently found your blog after seeing Mrs Skinners twitter.
    What a fantastic time you have learning. Mr Quinlan must be a fine teacher!! I have enjoyed watching about mystery writing, teamwork and tap dancing. I am impressed.
    I have a blog and am learning about WordPress so I can blog there.
    Have a good friday.
    Mark Denney

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comment and the compliment! Glad the class have been an inspiration to you =).

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