Reflecting on Year 4

July 27, 2011

In the last week of Year 4, 4OQ created a website to reflect on their time in the class. They wrote about their favoruite activities and what they had learnt. Even Mr Quinlan had a go, as reflecting is such an important part of learning.

Click below to look at the website.

A message from Mr Quinlan

It has been an amazing year! You have all worked so hard and we have learned so much together. I have been so impressed with your independence, and how you have seen problems, or things you are interested in and just started projects to take them further. Keep doing this- it is this independence that will allow you to get what you want out of life, and maybe change the world!

I am very sad that I won’t be your teacher any more, and even sadder that I won’t be at Robin Hood to catch up with you all. I will keep reading and commenting on your class blogs, so please tell me lots about what you are doing and what you are learning!

-Mr Quinlan


  1. This is My first comment on the website but its Adam and Mr Quinlan your probably reading this tell 4oq soon to be year five that I said hi your probably shocked to see me but one day when you take a look back and reply when everyone starts in year five tell me the the website and I post up a comment on the year five blog I’m missing Robin hood best of wishes.

    Your Sincerely Adam

    • Hi Adam.

      Great to hear from you, I hope you are enjoying your new school. Do let us know what you are doing. I have showed lots of people your ‘appliance of computers video’ and they were really impressed.

      We will post a link on this blog to Tyne new year 5 blogs in September so keep checking back for more news!

      All the best for the future.

      Mr Quinlan

  2. I am happy to hear from you Mr Quinlan Easha thinks that Your heading off to University as it appears she’s also leaving the school it is my pleasure to keep in touch and remember tell everyone that I said Hi :).

    Your sincerely Adam

    • It’s good to hear from you too. I am leaving Robin Hood to move to teach adults how to be teachers at a University. I will ask Mr Cooper to pass on your wishes to everyone and show them your comments- if they have not seen them already.

      Hope you are having a great summer break.

  3. Mr cooper are you there;)

  4. Dear Mr Quinlan
    All of the classes are really missing you and ready loads of books and make sure you are understanding them and what it is about.
    My friends Anessa and Ayeear and my best best friends in the world and my best best best friend is Kulsum.

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