The 4OQ websites directory!

July 26, 2011

All through this year, children from 4OQ have been creating websites using Google Sites. Some of these were linked to work we had done in class, but most were started because groups of children were excited about something and wanted to share it with their friends and the world.

Below you can explore all of the different sites that have been created, from stories to computer games, videos to history and football. Many of 4OQ’s passions and interests are here!

Find the directory on www.4oq.co.uk, or browse below….

Literacy and stories


B. Story

Bessie is writing a story and sharing it a chapter at a time.


C.K.S. Poetry

Poems from our literacy work, put onto a website by girls from 4OQ.


Alan Peat sentences

The boys from the exciting sentences videos own site explaining in more detail how to write the Alan Peat sentences.


Learn, share, live.

Some short stories by Ayeera.





History web

All types of History, there is even a links page and books for sale on Amazon.


Great Fire of London

A website created by all of 4OQ to collect their research on the Great Fire of London.


Great Fire of London

Emilia and Iman try to find the truth by looking at different sources about the Great Fire.


History of the world

A history website by Callum C., Ismail, Ben and Tyron.



Computer Games


Bin Weevils

Akmal shares lots of information ans strategies for his favourite online game.


Games on computer

Tyron and Callum C. share their favourite online games.


Cool games

Shaka shares links to his favourite online games.


Games what you learn

Links to learning games from Chelsea.



Beast Quest Books


All about Beast Quest

Information about the popular books.


Beast Quest book

Thomas and Robert share a list of their collection of Beast Quest books.


Beast Quest

More information on Beast Quest books from Robert.



Football and Sports



Latest news on Manchester United by Aliabbas and Akmal.


Birmingham City F.C.

Latest news and discussion on BCFC by Ismail.


Chelsea F.C. News

Everything you need to know about Chelsea from Ismail.


Footie Focus

A website about lots of different football teams by Barnes and Harjeevan.


All about different sport

Ayeera explains about different sports you could get involved in to keep you healthy.





Animals Safety

Ethan shares some facts and pictures about lots of different animals.


So you think you can dance?

Emily and Simran share lots of dancing tips.


S.S. Space

Everything you need to know about Space, by Simran.


Robin Hood News

Simran shares the latest news from our school.


Come and see 4OQ

Lots of tips for what to do and how to learn in Independence time, by Amrit.


B.F.F. Blog

Madison and Bessie share ideas on how to make friends and get on with people.


Stop Litter

Three girls from year 4 and their campaign to stamp out litter at Robin Hood.


The Glitter Girls

The girls share how to be glam!


Reflecting on Year 4

4OQ’s reflections on what they learned in the whole of Year 4.


Maths Explanations

Explaining maths from Emily, Emilia and Iman.



The website all about GoGos collected by boys in Year 4.


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