Cake sale for Cancer Research

June 23, 2011

Four girls did a cake sale to raise money for Cancer Research. We made the cakes, brought them to school and then sold them. Year 6 loved them, year 5 liked the lemon cakes. The chocolate cake sold out in 5 minutes!

We raised over £41!

By four girls in 4OQ






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  1. Girls from 4OQ
    What a wonderful idea for a fund raiser and great that you organised and took care of it all yourself, its obviously an indication of the success of your stall that things sold out so quickly and its such a wonderful worthwhile cause to raise money for.

    • Thank you for your comment and we are going to send the money soon

  2. Well girls, that is so wonderful and inspirational. I bet everyone is very very proud of you. The cakes looked so delicious too. Well done and keep being so awesome.
    Mrs Duxbury (High Lawn Primary)

  3. I heard that they were very nice they look really nice so well done ecause they look lovly .

  4. What a fantastic idea! And I loved the cakes! Great initiative girls!
    From Mrs Haughey

  5. The cakes were really cool i enjoyed eating them.

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