Parents and Families: Subscribe to this blog!

May 22, 2011

I am sure parents, families and friends enjoy sharing what 4OQ put on the blog, so just wanted to draw attention to some features of this page you may not know about.

You do not have to keep checking this page to see the latest from our class; it can be delivered to you in several ways…


If you check your email a lot, why not get new blog posts sent to your inbox as soon as they are posted. Just put your email address into the box on the right and click ‘Sign me up!’.


If you are more  into Facebook then you can ‘Like‘ this blog, and new posts will pop up in your news feed.


Any real computer-heads (like Mr Quinlan) can add this feed to their RSS reader: https://4oqblog.wordpress.com/feed/

Please remember to leave a comment if you visit. It is so great for the class to hear what people think of their work. Even if you just let us know you were looking, they love to know when families and friends are dropping by…

By Mr Quinlan.


  1. Please sign up & read regularly because it is a good read!

    I do hope that welcome applies to friends as well 4Q!

    • Of course! Lots of friends read the blog, and we are so grateful for your comments Mrs Skinner.

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