Exciting Sentences Part 1: 3ED

May 18, 2011

Come down to the big house and learn how to write some exciting sentences. In our first video 4OQ explain how to write 3ED sentences with an exciting story…

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  1. This is brilliant, I am left in suspense and want to learn more! As a new teacher you have inspired me boys, thank you very much. What will happen to the girl?

  2. Gee, boys. I really enjoyed this.

    Why, oh why did you leave me in suspense???? I think I’m going to have to tune in for Part 2.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing a fascinating story!

    Mr Graffin from Western Australia

    • Thanks for watching our video and know there is a part three! I hope you carry on watching our videos!

  3. These are brilliant boys! Well done.

  4. What a super exciting sentence, you really have left me in suspense. I can’t wait to hear what else you have planned for the girl and the monster. Well done boys, i am impressed!

  5. Thanks for watching part 2 and 3 are out now wish you all the best!!!

  6. Thanks for making this video! We enjoyed it and it helped us a lot in our learning.

    Do the 3 EDs have to be at the start of the sentence or can you write “I was terrified, petrified and horrified”? We are doing our 2 stars and a wish and were not sure.

    Class 5D, Avenue Junior School

  7. It was brilliant and I wan’t to see if the monster did eat the girl! – Sara 3HF

  8. I can not wait till the next one comes out

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