Sketching parts of the face

May 16, 2011

Today we have learning portraits. We also have a video of a person in our class doing small movements on a nose. It is good because then if you make a mistake you can rub it out, if you do one big line you can’t rub it out. We have the video just here:

By Bessie.

In the comments

What have these children done welll?

What could they improve?

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  1. We think they could improve on their sketching

    • What could they actually do to improve this? How should they hold their pencil? How should they draw the lines?

      • They could do little touches every time te

  2. We think that the shape of the mouths are very good

  3. The teeth are great

  4. The eyes,mouths,ears and nose look really intresting to look at when you are at home,

    I like the one on the second picture and first line, it looks really intresting to look at

    • What parts of it look interesting? What have they actually done with the pencil to make it look interesting?

      • They drawed the right part of the pupil which is right, they got the black part of the eye right and the white part right in the eye right, well they got every thing right

      • This is a very specific comment Amrit. You have described exactly which parts they have done well and how. Can you think of anything they could improve?

  5. I really like them all!The last one is fuuny!I think that the sixth one looks a bit suspicous you all are very good!I have no improvement to be done so… well done!!

    • How have they made the 6th one look suspicious Bessie?

      • Because if you look at it for ages and stare at it and look really close it just does

  6. I think was good was the shape of all of them. They need to improve are the way they draw it.It looks like it is a bit different to what it actually is and it looks like they need a bit more work with the way they all draw.

    • So what could they do to improve the way they draw? How hard should they press with the pencil? Should they do quick movements or slow ones?

  7. The parts of the face are absolutely good and they need little improvement if you ask me!

    • What a lovely sentence, it is very nicely written. Has everyone shaded their eye to make it look three dimensional? What is the best way to do this?

  8. Do little touches every time

  9. good drawing guys looking good

  10. Try doing it step by step 😀

  11. Excellent! I always found it really difficult to draw in a very detailed way. Well done all of you!

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