Plymouth University

May 6, 2011

Today I went to Plymouth University to talk to people who are learning how to be teachers. I showed them lots of the things you have done this year, lots of things on this blog, and some videos some children made about stories.

I also met Mrs Skinner, she was talking to the trainee teachers about class blogs, and encouraging them to make blogs for their classes. She is even more friendly in person than online.

Here is a picture of one of the videos on their big screen- 250 people were watching! They loved hearing your ideas and seeing how you learn.

By Mr Quinlan


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  1. that is awesome Mr Quinlan were you nervous???

    • I was a bit nervous, but once I started it was OK because I had spent time planning what I was going to say. I had some notes written down so I could remember what I had planned to talk about too.

  2. Hello 4OQ! I have to tell you that Mr. Quinlan did brilliantly with his presentation! I couldn’t go to his workshop as I was running one myself but I heard that it was great! It was lovely to see some of you talking about stories!

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