Holiday to India

May 1, 2011

I went on holiday to india for three whole weeks and i will tell everyone
about my holiday.

Week 1

I was unpacking all my stuff and meeting all of my family and we had fun. I
was playing with my sister Munwinder and met the rest of my family.
We went to my nans house in india she has one in england and india and her
house was huge you can go on peoples roof in india and i went on it.
We went to a indian town called Share and bought some combs and more.
We had a tiny tour of our village called Mallah and saw some amazing things
We all looked around the house and saw some stuff that is different to
We found some differences between india and england like cows are just
walking down the street and dogs are just walking down the street so you can
just take any dog.

Week 2

We went to visit loads of temples we went to 5 in one day.
The temples we visited in one whole week all had a meaning like one our god
slept in.
Then we went to a temple that was huge and you have to take your shoes off
and because its really hot in india the floor was very hot.
Next i played with my sister and saw all her toys.

Week 3

The last week we went to the golden temple and it says when you have a bath
in the water in front of the temple it gives you good luck and sometimes you
only get to do that once in a lifetime. We were packing up everyone was all
over the place and we were moving the heavy suitcases.

Day 7 The last day we are leaving at 11 am and the airport is very far. Now
we are there and we are going on the aeroplane you sleep on first.

I hope you enjoyed my information about my holiday.

By Simran


  1. This is really great Simran & I’m really jealous about it! If you had to choose the best bit & the worst bit, what would they be?

  2. Hey Simran! That’s cool! Thanks for telling us about your holiday! I have been to India and would love to go back one day. The temples are really decorative, aren’t they? I haven’t seen anything quite like them in the UK! Nor the colours, smells, tastes, number of people, decorated lorries, three-wheelers, crazy drivers, different foods, clothes, cricket … the list goes on! Would you like to go back? If so, what would you do next time?

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