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Holiday on the Weston Eye

April 17, 2011

I went on hoilday and I said to my Mom “Mom can we go on the wheel “.
My mom said “Yes you can” so we went on it and i went on number 3.
I was scared of it we was hanging in the air for 5 mins. I hated it, my other family was fine, just me.
I pressed the emergency button we came down as quick as lighting. Finlay we got of!
Here is my photo:


Mr.Quinlan’s trip to France

April 17, 2011

Hi everyone. On Friday before we had Easter holiday’s Mr.Quinlan told us he was going to France and after school he was out of sight driving to France. I think Mr.Quinlan went for eight days I am not sure. He went on Friday and came back yesterday.

Mr Quinlan here are some questions for you
1.Did you drive?
2.Do you like France ?
3.Did you go to see some relatives ?
4.Did you go on the Effiel tower ?

Here Is A Picture Of France.

By Chelsea 🙂



April 16, 2011

Hi everyone we have been using this thing called edmodo were we chat on it really and it is really fun.


By Bessie



Independence Time in Year 4 this morning

April 8, 2011

Building work at school

April 6, 2011

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We have been looking at pictures of our main playground and the adventure playground. There is lots of soil because it has been dug up. The adventure playground has been demolished! We feel really unhappy because we don’t have as much playground as we used to have. Also because it was there when we were in Nursery as well and now it is gone we can’t remember it.

It has been demolished because we are having three classrooms in each year group. We are even going to have a Chinese classroom to learn Mandarin.

At least the football cage is still standing, but unfortunately it is being knocked down as well! Luckily the football cage is being rebuilt.


A Cinquain Poem

April 5, 2011

4OQ have been inspired by writing different forms of poetry. Coming soon is a website created by 4OQ children to share our poems. Here is a sneak preview.. a Crapsey Cinquain by Harjeevan and Aliabbas.

the ball went splat,
England hit a Wicket,
England’s player hit 3 overs,
they won!

By Harjeevan and Aliabbas


Sarehole Mill Radio Plays

April 5, 2011

This afternoon we have rehearsed and recorded Radio Plays based in the trip to Sarehole Mill. The stories are from History.