Circus School for Red nose day!

March 18, 2011

Music: “Think Happy” from freeplaymusic.com


  1. the cirus shcool was fun

  2. this circus school was very fun every one that watches this video why don’t you try this at home 🙂

  3. We Had A Supply Teacher Called Mr.Brock And He Was OK No Affence and he intervied ben and chelsea he her feel good about her self and he made ben feel defenceiv he was doing it for an izample

  4. There were a lot of different talents and people were dressed up like clowns. There were lots of activities like jugiling, tightrope walking and some confetty. I think that confetty would quite match a clown and clowns can be quite funny.

  5. we really liked red nose day it was fun

  6. I think the clowns look very funny and I think the jujaing.

  7. That looks funny!!!The tightrope looks fairly hard.I would fancy juggling with two balls.I am good-ish at it now I am good since I wathched it.

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