Local History at Hall Green Library

March 15, 2011

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This afternoon we went to Hall Green Library to investigate local history. The library has a collection of Maps of our local area from different times in History, and lots of old photographs.

In the comments

What did you learn from looking at the Maps and photographs?

How was our local area different in the past?


  1. History is one of my favourite subjects. I love looking at the sort of old maps you saw! Thanks for sharing!

  2. it was strange how they spelt haw green in 1913

  3. It was brill And Strange Because It HAD Lots Of Weird Things iN iT

  4. This had different questions and it was quite weird the way that they had loads of farm land and nowadays there is not any. There were quite a few mills and farms those days were very different from today.

  5. It was a long walk ,but we got there anyway.I learned that a long time ago they didn’t have places like sarehole mill!!!
    It was different because there were different places/old cars…

  6. We looked for mills and I figured out that that sarehole Mill is the only mill in Bham.

  7. In 1913 they spelt Hall Green, Haw Green

  8. The Was Lots Of Things In 1913 Hall Green Was Not Spelt Hall Green It Was Haw Green It Was Still Pronounced The Same Way .Also On The Maps It Was Hard To Read And When It Was The Map Of now It Was Easy Because It Was Colourd And Got Writing That Was Easy To See . I Think The Room Looked Spokey Because
    It Had Lots Of Rooms With Kurtions On the Windows Of The Doors
    From Chelsea

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