How does the water mill work?

March 13, 2011

Here is a video of Sarehole Water Mill in action. Can you write a comment explaining how the water mill works? Remember the work we did on writing explanations….


  1. Hi

    I visited Sarehole Mill a number of years ago with my class. I am looking forward to reading about how the mill works!

    All the best!

  2. water wheel is a hydidron system

    .It was used mainly in the Middle Ages for the purpose of extracting power from the flow of water. It consists of a large wheel. This wheel is either made of wood or of metal

    • Whooooo very good girls!!!!!!!

  3. the water wheel works with water it is either made of wood or metal. The water wheel works by the force of water when water goes onto the water wheel thats when it moves.

  4. The water mill is powered by water. It is used to move the heavy millstone and the millstone is so heavy you can’t pick it up.

  5. I think sarehole mill was very intresting because all the cogs and how it works

  6. A water wheel works when the force of the water hits the wheel. When the water comes down it creates hydro electricity.

  7. the miller pold a lever and wortor mad it worc lick the miney one

  8. The water wheel with water

  9. it was very fun there

  10. and we wore in theos fun clos

  11. The water wheel works because of gravity you pour the water on it starts.meanwhile if you stop pouring it stops.was that a good explnation? Bye!!!!!!!

  12. Also the water wheel has to be powered by water.Other wise it wouldn’t be called a water wheel.

  13. if the weat over floods a bell wood ring if you dont get there in time it wold burn the wood

  14. and we sore a heron

  15. If you had to chose would you be a miller.Or a farmer. Or a baker.Or apprentice of. A millers.Or a bakers.Or a farmers?

  16. The mill was graet but very old .

  17. and we sore the wortor weeul

  18. Sareholemill is really fun.The miller pulled a leaver and it made the water wheel work 🙂

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