Trip to Sarehole Mill

March 11, 2011

Today we visited Sarehole Mill. Here are the photos of the trip.

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In the comments

Describe what it was like in Sarehole Mill. Use different senses and adjectives. Think about all the different machines we saw inside the mill.


  1. Looks like all of you were having fun!

    • yes of course we were we had a fantastic time
      you should of came

    • We Were I Wished You Were There

  2. How did it smell?
    Did you like wearing the clothes which the apprentices would’ve worn?

    • Hello Iman it smells really horrible .
      I really like the cloths.

      Like to hear from you
      From you know who.

    • they were quite cool

      • You could wear them in different ways.

    • The clothes were very smart for the boy so I enjoyed wearing , I would not mind wearing them for 2 weeks!!!

      • But it depends on what work you do.

  3. Hello
    I Think Sarehole Mill Was Great It Was Cool I Think The Wheel Was Brill It Had A Leaver

  4. it was really fun and i espeichly liked the the mill pond.One of the rooms smelt discusting.

  5. We were in a big massive old dusty sarehoule mill.
    There was a massive,brown water wheel which had water to make the Bread. The clothes was old and they were for apprentice to wear and they were old.

  6. the cloths looked like in the 90s they also did notlook tthat nice.

  7. I Think Sarehole Mill Was Great Because It Had
    The Water Wheel Was Brown And Had Rust. In It I Thought That
    The Wheel Was Cool. And I Could Smell A Horrible Smell It Smelt Like Rust. And I Could See Lots Of Things Turning. But The Very Main Thing I Could See Was The Water Wheel .
    I Thought All Of Us Did Well .
    From Chelsea

  8. the grind stones where massive and they rgind the wheat.

  9. In the mill it was dark and there was lot’s of cobwebs.The smell was so strong you could taste it in your mouth.There was a well it looked all old and dusty.The clothes were 1855 style.The boys were dressed up all smart but the girls were in old rags stiched together.The mill was made over 200 years ago but then fell down and got bilt again over 100 years ago.A miller would own 5 cats and 1 dog and they would throw the cats on the sreet every night to hunt there own food.They would have 5 cats to hunt the mice and rats.The apprentice would get fish on friday Sunday meat and maybe if there lucky cold meat on Monday.The miller had a sence of humour and a lot of temper.

    That’s why you should vistit sarehole mill!!!!

  10. Sareholemill was fantastic!I learned that the cats got the rats and you had to do what ever the miller said.The girls had to wear a kind of rag and the boys had to wear smart. It was kind of funny because chelsea had to get married to the 97 year old miller he said he was 97 we did not belive him..

  11. THe water wheel was huge and it was powered by bwater that smakt the water wheel and started it up.

  12. Hello are fellow friends.At Sarehole mill we did learn about grindstones and grindstones are stones that grind the wheat and if there is no wheat the grindstones will make sparks plus catch fire…

  13. We were in the huge,old,dusty mill called sarehole mill. There was a gigantic,wooden,brown water wheel which had all the water in to make bread. The clothes were so old and itchy they were so dirty. I could smell the smell of wheat that did not smell so nice. There was an enormous,brown,dusty grind stone to grind all the bread. Then we saw a huge,muddy river that was a beautiful view.

  14. We weared clothes that the apprentices would’ve worn

    • They could of been wore in different ways.

  15. All of your discriptions are great.

  16. The sarehoule mill. First we saw the old muddy pond and the miller has to dig right at the bottom to get the water.

  17. we went to visit seah howlmill it felt horabul it realy stanc

  18. I could smell machinery and hear the water powering the waterwheel.The clothes were different and I twisted the cap I got and everyone done it after.

  19. Today at Sarhole mill it smelt like Dead rats and looked like broken,useless,old wood.The noise was so loud that it nearly popped my ears.the was ran by water even the giant waterwheel was ran by water.

  20. it fealt realy horabul and stank

  21. At Sarehole mill it smelt like there was some salty,dirty water at the large mill.we had to dress up as some actual apprentices. Most of the place was rusty and was nearly all made of strong wood and to cut the trees down to build the building it took 200 years to grow the strong trees. The Miller had a gigantic well but 3 apprentices died from eating the dirty, water what came from the toilet.

  22. The wind was blowing to us like we were free from everything.

    • Wow, what a lovely description girls!

  23. At Sarehole mill the miller came out of his mill, his was dressed up as a miller but he was not a miller, he was just an odernary man with sarehole mill cloths.The cloths were old, dirty and smelly and the cloths and we got to dress up in works cloths in sarehole mill. are old fashions and for the boys had funky hat, caps and the girls had to were short dresses and a cloth hats and it was smelly!!! 🙂

  24. You obviously had a great time & learnt such a great deal!!

  25. I have learnt that you only get £4 a year for working for the miller which will only be £8 for 2 years of work !!!!!!!!!!!

  26. It was really fun at sareholl mill but it was quiet smelly aswell but I had a really good time

    It was really nice and I would like to go there again

    • Me to it was really good I laghed a lot!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hi I like everybody’s disruption. Very nice work! Bye!!!!!!!!!

  28. Everyone looks great! I love the outfits – could be the new school uniform? You look like you had fun even though you had to walk a long long way Amrit:(
    Tolkien weekend will be coming up in May at Sarehole Mill – you guys should definately check it out, now that you know so much about the Mills history!

  29. I loved Sarehole Mill it was cool and it was nice to go there for a trip.It was fun to get dressed up into Sarehole Mill clothes.

    Bye 😀

  30. […] back in March 4OQ visited Sarehole Mill. When we got back we worked with Fiona King from Birmingham REP theatre to create these radio […]

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