Mystery writing

March 4, 2011

Yesterday Mr Quinlan gave 4OQ a piece of work by a mystery writer. They evaluated it and picked out what they thought was good and what could be improved. Have a look at the advice they gave…


  1. Brilliant stuff & what great advice! You had very neat handwriting 20 years ago, Mr Quinlan!

  2. You have all been very constructive in your comments & I’m sure the writer will take your ideas on board!

  3. Thanks for the advice everyone!

    I thought it was really interesting what you picked out to include. I was obviously not taught about writing using adjectives and different senses when I was that age. My description was not as good as yours (although I was a year younger!).

    One thing I learnt how to do is using adverbs, especially starting a sentence with an adverb. Interestingly, this can make really interesting sentences, and is something I don’t think any of you do in your writing.

    Great to see you all being so analytical about evaluating writing!

  4. I have just looked at the mystery writing and it is fantastic. The children have great opinions and ideas to improve. Well done and keep up the good work Class 4OQ.

  5. 4OQ, I am so impressed! I have just been marking your writing tests and I have seen that some of you have used the idea of starting a sentence with an adverb to make your writing really interesting. You have evaluated someone else’s work and then used this to improve your own writing. Keep doing this and you will be stellar writers!

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