Ancient Greece by Rahul

March 4, 2011

Today Rahul received a certificate in celebration assembly for his ongoing commitment to studying History.

This evening he created this great presentation sharing what he knows about Ancient Greece, as well as some of his favourite YouTube videos to back up what he says.

Click on the image to view his presentation…


  1. Hi Rahul,

    I thought I’d say how amazing I thought your presentation was. It’s good to see that you enjoy History so much. The way you’ve presented the information and the thought you’ve put into it is very impressive, not to mention the amount of effort you’ve put in! I used to love history at school too and I still do. Well done!

    From Hayley, an Archaeologist.

  2. Rahul I’m so glad you got a special award because your work deserves to be recognised. I do hope you continue with your interest in history – maybe you could become an archaeologist like Hayley!

  3. Rahul, I think your presentation is amazing, what wonderful commitment you have to your home learning. Keep it up!

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