100 word challenge!

March 4, 2011

Mrs Skinner, who often comments on our blogs, has set you a challenge! Each week she will post a story starter on her blog. The challenge is to complete this story in only 100 words!

This weeks starter is:

‘The wind howled in the trees…’

You can write your story either as a comment on here, or a comment on Mrs Skinner’s blog.


  1. Wow! Thank you Mr Quinlan! I do hope lots of you take part. You never know, we may have some prizes for later weeks!

  2. Hi Mrs Skinner
    100 Words Is Hard
    I’ll Try
    Once A Ponna Time There Lived A Tree Called Ros That It Heard A Howl that howl was horrible no one heard it it was so ugly .no one mean chant to hear it Then The Next Day and then we loved it there was a wolf There Every one screened loud horrible No One LIKED to see a wolf again then the wolf got killed by the min gin horrible Man WHO had a knife but they both got killed Hhaha Then The All Lived Happily ever after From Chelsea

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