Day & Night

February 11, 2011

Which day and night explanation do you agree with? Which parts are correct and which parts are not quite right?

Have the groups explained it well, or do they need to add more details?

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7

Group 8

Group 9

Please click on the link below to view the presentation this group made

Why Do We Have Day And Night

Callum’s  group- send me your Powerpoints and I will put them on here.


  1. I think Group 1 have done a nice diagram. It is a little confusing though, I am not sure if the Earth spins, or the Sun goes round the Earth. Which of those is right?

  2. I think that this probably needs a little more work on it. I was a bit muddled trying to work out what was correct. I do like the way you are sharing your thoughts in draft before making up your minds!

  3. Hi I like all of your Things they look amazing Group 1
    your’s look s Amazing Cya

  4. Hi I Like Group 2’s The Best It Has Lot’s Of Infomaitian On It So Does Group 6 With The Sphere As The Earth It Was Cool Well Done.
    I Like The Night The Best Because It Has Lots Of Animal’s Hibernate And I Get Lots Of Sleep
    I Want To Learn Lots About When The Earth Turns And It Why It Has To Turn? When I Went To This Party I Seen Lots About The Moon ,Sun And Earth.I Think That The Moon Travels Around Lots Of Places . From Chelsea.S

  5. hi im zara im from bearwood primary school it looks like you have been working hard i have learnt alot already.

    Zara. ;);)

  6. Where is mine and raneyah’s and emily’s night and day.

    • Hi Chelsea. Sorry something went wrong and it got stuck on my computer at school. I will put it up tomorrow, please remind me!

  7. I really like all of them they all have good answers and they explain it really well it is really good.

  8. That is some good explanations about day and night maybe you can try to find more.

  9. I agree with group 2 they explained it well so good work.

  10. We enjoyed to try to make a way to explain why we have day and night.

  11. hi Mr qwinlond we lick sun and night.

  12. I am from group 3 and I realy do think there is 80% of gravity what do you think?

    • Well the Earth does not have 100% , no planet has 100% gravity (if it did ,we would not be able to move.

  13. Here is a question about day and night.

    Q; How does the moon shine it’s light?

    A; It reflects the light from the sun.

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