!!!Chinese new year!!!!

February 4, 2011

Yesterday  3/2/11 it was Chinese new year !!! We had massive celebrations around the whole of  Robin Hood school,We were doing fun activities and we had a taster of chinese food (as in spaghetti and a Chinese rice cake the Chinese call it nuo mi fen dan gao….We also had a big assembly of Chinese new year , we showed off our work!!!!By Aliabbas and Ben.


  1. Hello I loved Chinese new year its so fun year 5 dance was cool I loved watching it was amazing

  2. Hello I loved Chinese new year its so fun year 5 dance was cool I loved watching it was amazing And i loved playing the drum for the dragon

  3. This is a great post! I wasn’t involved in any celebrations so it was lovely to share yours! It’s the year of the rabbit & I really like rabbits!! 🙂

  4. Great blog there boys! Now I know why you needed to know the name of the New Years cake!

    Mrs Haughey

  5. Hi its Seb from hawthorndene ps,

    I love Chinese new year!

    Did you know that if it is the year of your animal wearing red undies brings good luck!


  6. Hi Guys its Zoe from Hawthorndene Primary School in South Australia,
    The Celebration sounded AWSOME all the activites sounded fun!!!!!
    Bye Zoe 🙂

  7. hello
    great blog
    I was born in the year of the tiger
    did you have some of the cake?????
    cya – t

  8. Hi I am victoria from H.P.S,
    your way of celebrating Chinese new year sounds like heaps of fun.


  9. Hello
    Sounds like you had fun! I don’t celebrate chinese new year. I’m a student from Hawthorndene P.S.


  10. Hi i’m Olivia from Pam’s class in Adelaide.

    We are doing quad blogging with you !

    In Drama we are learning about chinese new year and it is really interesting. I am born in the year of the Tiger and this year is the year of the rabbit.

    Your blog is awsome !!!!!

    Bye for now !

    Cya , Olivia

  11. hi, I am Tori from Pams class in Adelaide,
    you blog is great, we have been learning about Chinese new year in drama.

    did you know it is the year of the rabbit this year. my birthday is in the year of the tiger (1998)


    cya Torz

  12. Hi,
    I’m Jasmine from Hawthorndene Primary school.
    Sound like your celebration at school was lots of fun!
    What was your favourite thing you did on the day of chinese new year?
    Bye from Jasmine

  13. Hi Robin hood primary school,
    I loved the idea on the chinese new year.
    All that food made my mouth water. Did you know it was the year of the rabbit.
    Did you do a dance to celebrate the new year?
    From Charlotte

  14. Hi everyone, I’m Sira from Hawthorndene Primary School.

    It looks like you’ve done a lot for Chinese new year.I hope you had a great day.

    See you soon!

  15. Hey everyone this is Nick from Adelaide at Hawthorndene primary school,
    It sounds like you had alot of fun on chinese new year. What were some of your favourite foods that you tasted?
    From Nick 😉 🙂

  16. 嗨,大家好!


    我喜歡兔子,它是今年的兔子!我是老虎,因為我出生於 1998年。

    Hi guys!

    Great post. Chinese new year sound like heaps of fun. The picture is also really good too!

    I love rabbits and it is the year of the rabbit! I am a tiger cause I was born in 1998.

    Rachster 😉

  17. Hey it’s Connor here I’m from Hawthorndene primary school and we are doing quad blogging with you I think that the dance in that picture looked very exciting
    I for one love Chinese new year and I hope you have a great year of the rabbit

  18. Hi Guys!

    I’m Millie from Pams class in South Australia. We are one of the other classes doing the Quad blogging with you!

    Great post! It sounds like you have heaps of fun when celebrating Chinese New Year! We don’t celebrate it but we learn about it every year! I think it’s really interesting. I love watching the dragons dancing!

    Keep up the GREAT blogging!!!!!

    Millie 😀

  19. Hi Everyone,

    I am Emily and I am also from Pam’s class in Adelaide. It’s such a funny thing how we’re doing Quad Blogging with you because I used to live about 10 minutes from your school. We lived in HG in B’ham too. My mum went to Pitmaston High now known as Ninestiles. Do any of you in your class support BCFC ?? I do !! I used to go to Peterbrook Primary but I left in year 1. Sounds great what you guys did for Chinese New Year !! I am looking forward to doing more work with your class !!


    • Hi Emily, thank you for your comment. Did you enjoy reading our blog? Did you like to live in Birmingham? Seven children in our class have got brothers or sisters at Ninestyles school. Do you any relatives in Australia? Why did you move there?

      • Hi Robin Hood School,

        I loved reading your blog. I also liked living in Birmingham but I moved when I was 6. We moved because of my dads job, he got an offer in Adelaide and we ended up moving.

        My mum realised last night after I wrote that comment that your school is actually the old Pitmaston (as you probably know) and she went to school where you are now !! She told me she has a photo of her standing in your hall !! How weird !!

        I have some relatives in Sydney but not in Adelaide. The rest of my family are still in Birmingham.

  20. Hi everyone,
    Wow it looks like you had so much fun at your school for the Chinese New Year! My favourite part about the Chinese New Year is the dragon!

    Bye for now Hayley

  21. Hi Robin hood school, My name is Alex and I am in Pam’s class in Adelaide. I liked your chinese dragon.
    I like lego Batman.

  22. sounds fun 🙂 🙂

  23. Hi everyone my name is Hannah from Pams class in Adelaide.Your blog looks great I wish I could try some of that chinenes food because it sounds yummy mmm.I am born in the year of the rabbit where you born in the year of the rabbit? I am looking forward to doing some more work with your class. keep up with the good blogging.


    • Hi I was not born in the year of the rabbit but I was born in the year of the snake.I was born on the 12th october 2001

  24. Hi my name is charlie and I love chinese new year do you.:-0

  25. Hi Robin Hood School,

    My name is Bethan I love the decorations on your dragon I bet you worked hard on that! I also really like your dragon!
    Bye Bye for now
    From Bethan XXX :):):)

  26. sounds good i am from nabb school
    i like build a bears 🙂
    ps i will be back soon

  27. Hi,Robin Hood School
    My name is Anna
    I realy like that chinese dragon and keep the hard work up.:)

  28. Hi Robin Hood School i really like your chinese
    dragon!Did you make it because it lookes really
    hard to make if you did?

    🙂 From Fionn 🙂

  29. Hi year 4
    Woooow that looks really fun every1
    only in keystage 1 we do that

    😀 :p 😮 :0 😦

  30. Dear Robin Hood school I think your Chinese new year festival sounds great! 🙂 At Nabb school our year 1 class did Chinese new year and made a amazing dragon and got up in front of the assemely and went around the hall in the dragon.Some of the people in year 1 were just playing music.
    Emily 🙂

  31. Hi year 4oQ
    wooooooooooooooow! that look’s good every1

    from savannah :):):):):):):):)

  32. when did yow make the chins dragon it loks fantastic

  33. Hi my name is Harry and i love your map it is fandabbydosey.

  34. Hi Robin Hood School,
    Hi my name is Anna and I realy like that dragon that you made it looks realy pretty!

  35. Love the costyowm.:}:}:}:}:}:}:)

  36. Hi Robinhood school I love your chinese dragon it looks so cool.

    (: From Alex:)

  37. What class are you in?.

  38. i like odd and even numbers work because its good fun and i like the chinese dragon.

  39. DO youlike doing the droagon.

  40. Hi guys Iam Hannah and Iam from HPS sa Your way of celebrating chinese New Year Sounds fun . bye bye
    Keep I the good work .

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