Volcano Island

January 26, 2011

This is a picture Shaka has drawn of an island with a volcano on it. He made this on the iPad on something called Harmony Sketch. You can have a go for yourself here:



  1. Well done shaka that is a wonderful photo you have made and some time I can use them websites. That is a website I have never used before. Carry on finding more websites.

    • What a nice comment Harjeevan. I love the way you have let Shaka know you like it and thought about how you could use he website yourself.

      It is a great picture Shaka, I was very impressed with how you experimented with the different ways to express yourself with this tool. The way you have done shading looks really nice and makes the volcano look 3 dimensional.

  2. This is great work. We’re learning about volcanoes and different rocks as well. We’ve been studying volcanoes in art and also writing about them. We hope to post some of our work on our class blog in the near future. Please comment on our blog if you can!
    Unicorns Class, Ladock, Cornwall

  3. Wow! This is great work! I used to be good at drawing but now I’m not that good. Is it hard drawing on an ipad?

  4. Hi i am Kellie from room 13 in Pams class i really like that picture of the island with the volcano it looks really good i like lot

    Kellie 🙂

  5. I like that picture how did you make it?????????????

    From Ewen
    Bye!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Hi I am Hannah from Pams class in Adelaide.
    What a AWESOME volcano. Was it fun using a IPad?
    I have never used one. It sounds AWESOME.
    From Hannah

  7. Hi,nice volcano I wish we couldh’ve did that anway nice actully there great!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Robinhood school I realy like the volcono picture. how did you do it

    (: from Alex 🙂

  9. That volcono looks awsome how did you make it?

    from Finlay

  10. The volcano land loks briliant because difrent colers

  11. Hi Robin Hood School,
    My name is Anna and did you draw that volcano so maybe you could tell us a little bit about it and that would be very nice.

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