Explaining in Maths

January 17, 2011

This morning we have been practicing explaining Maths. Let us know what you think of our explanation.



  1. Well done. I love the way numbers have rules like this. I have just started teaching maths in my school. Do you know any more rules I could pass on to my pupils?

  2. That is very well explained. I think this will help others know about add odd numbers. Well done!

  3. Love this! What a confident young man! Can parents see these? Excellent APP evidence. Record calculation methods then share with parents and other year groups. How about your children making videos for younger classes explaining about number facts etc…

    • Hi Jill,

      Yes parents can see these and comment. That is an interesting idea to use then for assessment, I am looking explore something similar for my MA project.

      Thanks for giving us that idea, the children are quite interested in making some videos for younger children bow.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Mr Quinlan

  4. A nice explanation of why adding two odd numbers gives you an even number. The process you were using is one we study at A-level called ‘proof by induction’.

    It relies on you finding a first example of an odd+odd being even – for example 1+1=2. Then saying, as you did, that if we start with any pair of odd numbers which gives an even number then the next odd number (on either side) is two more than the current one, so if it was even before it will be even again…

    Therefore as this allows for every possible combination of odd+odd we can say that odd+odd=even for any pair of odd numbers!

    There are other ways of proving this statement using more algebraic methods but your approach is a very powerful mathematical technique!

    Well done!

    Mr Kemp
    Head of Mathematics
    Taunton School

  5. Great little explanation. Well done.

  6. that was a great explaination

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