Precious Rocks, Gems and Minerals

January 14, 2011

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4OQ have been looking at rocks gems and minerals. you can get a precious rock’s :gems and minerals poster from a newsagent . Some of us have brought some in gold comes from spain, fluorite comes from china,tigers’ eye comes from spain,amethyst comes from brazil,pyrite comes from peru,rock crystal comes from brazil,rose Quartz comes from brazil and black onyx comes from china also a ruby ,sunstone and the ones we dont have ,admite,stilbite,talc,wood opal,red gypsum.

By Robert, Shaka, Tyron, Callum and Rahul


  1. Those rocks look very interesting where did you find them?Was it hard?

    • I agree with you adam I think they are very interesting…

    • thank you and it didn’t tack long

  2. I think those rocks are very,very interesting

  3. I agree with you guys 😀

  4. wow theese look very nice do you think that the purple crystal one is magical

  5. wow that looks very nice i wish i had it

  6. Wow you´ve found lot of rocks, lets see if you can collect the whole collection. How much do you think the most expensive one is.

  7. nice rocks everyone!!!

  8. Dear ,Robin Hood School,
    Hi my name is Anna
    I realy like those gems and minerals could you tell us what there names are!:)

    • Well the one in the small bottle is 22 carat leaf gold. I have one the same! sorry, i dont know what the other ones are. 🙂

  9. i really

  10. Where did you find them

  11. Those rocks are very shiny and are pretty.

  12. I love them rocks I wish I made one of them my fravite colur is green.

  13. Hi Robinhood school I realy like the shiny rocks.They are so cool.

    From Alex

  14. Hi Robin Hood School,
    I really like the shiny rocks. They look so cool

  15. Hey! I have the gold and wandering wich is the 2nd and 3rd gem stone!? Love the rocks by-da-way!

    • 2nd rose quartz and 3rd is amethyst

  16. this is soooo awesome seriously I just fell in love with this stuff

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