Inspire Workshop

November 4, 2010

This morning lots of children from 4OQ brought their parents in to school to work on writing Kenning Poems. In just one lesson they worked out the rules for writing Kenning poems, mind mapped ideas and even wrote their own poems.

Thanks to all the parents for coming along and getting so involved in the lesson.

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  1. How great! I’ve not heard of Kenning poems. Howe lovely that parents can share with the children & there are some great words here!

  2. Thanks for sharing your poems.
    We haven’t heard of Kenning poems before – but we had a lot of fun trying to work out which animals you were describing 🙂
    The clues were really good – some were hard and tricky, but we managed to guess the animals by the end.
    Do you think you would be able to teach us how to write Kenning poems?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      A Kenning is a poem that describes something. It has to describe. It should be about 2 words per line. It can rhyme sometimes. You should use words that tell you things that the thing you are describing does.

  3. The inspire workshop was fantastic I enjoyed it because we had to write our own kenning!

  4. The inspire workshop was fantastic I enjoyed it because we had to write our own kenning!It was realy brill.

  5. I had a lovely time at the Inspire workshop. The room was well laid out and it was fun doing poetry with Amrit. Teachers gave good suggestions – mind mapping on little notes then putting the poem together was really easy. Kenning poems are fun, because they are short and it helps when you are given a subject to describe. 🙂

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