Food chains

October 19, 2010

We are learning some science. We are learning about habitats. A polar bear has adapted itself with it’s fur coat.

These are our food chains. Food chains tell us what animals eat.


  1. Wow, great work 4OQ, we’ll be using your blog for our lesson!

  2. I’m really impressed with the illustrations you have put on these food chains 4OQ. They make it easier to understand!Well done!

  3. Great food chains 4OQ.
    We learnt about food chains earlier in the year – did you know that any disruption at any stage in the food chain will upset and endanger all of the life forms in that food chain?
    Amazing :-0

  4. Very nice. I like the way the pictures are linked, make it easy to understand.

  5. Dear Robin Hood,
    I love the food chains that you drew there really colorful and nice I wish I could draw like that!!!
    I want to know who drew them pictures that are on your blog?
    Hope you keep doing lovely work as always
    From skyla at nabby 3 xxx:):-)

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