Investigating Henry VIII

October 14, 2010

Today we have been investigating Henry VIII’s wives using historical documents…


  1. I was really interested to see how you made a chart to track all those wives! Do you think Henry was good king?

  2. Thanks for your comment. Meriam thinks that Henry VIII was not a good king because he chopped off some of his wives’ heads.

    Alex thinks he was not a good king because he wouldn’t free his friend Sir Thomas Moore, and chopped off his head.

    Shaka thinks that there was a good thing about him, and that was that he did a lot of sport.

    In our class 3 people thought that Henry was a bad king, no people thought he was a good king and 26 people thought Henry was somewhere in the middle (alright).

  3. This is aliabbases cuisine again and I watched the henry the VII video and I learned on what you have been doing.

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