Creating Creatures

October 6, 2010

Yesterday afternoon we were creating animals in science because we are leaning about habitats.We all had great fun doing the animals and we have a hole windowsill of crazy animals.So the next you come in the class room check the crazy animals on the windowsill.You can check out the crazy pictures.Thank you if you looked at this blog.bye!!!!

In the comments

1. What habitat did your creature live in?

2. What did it have on it’s body to help it to live in that habitat?


  1. I loved making the crazy creatures

  2. I think that it was fun and we should of had more time!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I thought it was really cool doing the crazy creatures

  4. I thought it was amazing and the animals was crazy good!!!!!!!!

  5. Some of them look like they are lions and it is so cleaver to make a animal out of vegetables so like potatoes, carrots and apples. They are exalant. I had fun doing them. I wish I could do it again.

  6. I think to was fun and AMAZING to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We think your animals are really cool and it looks like a fun science project. It made us want to do it in our class as well. The area where we live in Oregon grows a lot of potatoes we could use for our animals.
    This is totally unrelated to your science project, but we wondered what the weather is like right now where you live. We are mostly 11 years-old and our class is called fifth grade. How old are you and what is your grade called? Do you have pizza there? How many people live in your city?
    We would love to get to know you all more. What is the best way to communicate with you? We are in Klamath Falls, Oregon in the United States of America.

    • Hi this is 4OQ, thank you for looking at our blog. You sound like a wonderful class, thanks for commenting. We are in Year 4 in our school.

      The people who live in our city are just over one million. Our city is called Birmingham. We definitely do have Pizza and it is delicious!

      We could communicate with you by email if you want. Please send us your email address. Our teacher’s email is o.quinlan@robinhood.bham.sch.uk.

      Thank you for commenting, we would like to hear from you soon.

  8. Hi 4oq I was realy happy doing the CRAZY creatures

    • The whole class made some creatures and we made some made up some animals. I really wanted to do this again. I didn’t have a name for my and my groups animal.

  9. Most of creatures have smiling expressions – they must like where their habitats

  10. That looked like a REALLY fun lesson! You all looked like you used your imagination brilliantly, well done! I love coming onto your blog to see what you guys are doing each week!

    Keep blogging!

    Mr. Mitchell
    Deputy Headteacher

    • Thank you for checking our blog and we loved our scince animals and mine lives in the wetlands and it pokes it legs in the water and it catches fishes,birds and it sleep’s in a cave.

      • Great to see you commenting on the blog at home Raneyah! What a lovely reply you have written for Mr. Mitchell.

  11. My creature had a tail to swim.

  12. Our animal lives in the cold the Antartic. It has a wooly fliece to keep it worm from the cold.

  13. My creature has a tail to swim

  14. Hi my animal live in the

  15. Our crazy creature which our group made lives in grasslands.

  16. My creature lives in the mountains and it has nice furry fur and paws to climb the mountains

  17. Our creature a lion had fur to keep it warm.

  18. my animal was a lion it lived in a grassland it had fur on its body..

  19. It has 1 fin on it’s back to help it balance.
    And 2 fins do help it glide side 2 side in the water.

  20. I think my creature is cool

  21. Super 7’s class have also been learning about habitats… have a look at what they are doing http://bureparkclass7.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/hands-on-habitats-2/

  22. It’s cool to do the creatures because i had fun making them and my group had fun as well

  23. IT’S cool to do them and my group liked doing them amd our one kept on falling down

  24. To 4OQ
    We learnt that all different organisms live in lots of different habitats in China like the Gobi Desert and the Yellow River.
    A few weeks ago we walked around Bure Park nature trail and found lots of diffrent organisms then when we came back to the classroom we made our own drawings of the organisms and habitat it was good fun.
    We made our own habitats out of lots of different things that we could find in the school. We made sure our creatures were safe from the predators in our habitats. We learnt what camouflage meant.
    You can see our lesson here.
    From Megan and Philip Class 7.

  25. I love Mr potato man it was so cool

  26. […] Creating Creatures October 2010 29 comments and 1 Like on WordPress.com, 5 […]

  27. How did you do them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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