Origami Projects

September 14, 2010

Since the start of term 4OQ have been working on their own projects based on the theme of origami. Here are the finished projects for you to see.

An Origami Zoo

An Origami Village

An Origami Farm

An Origami City

Origami book covers

Origami ‘How-To’ videos

In the comments

What did you learn from doing these projects?


  1. Gosh, these are very interesting items!! What a good idea to show a video as well. Now I can have a go at home!

  2. From doing these projects we learned to work co-operatively.

  3. I leant how to make an origarmy village

  4. We have learnt how to do some origami. It is actually fun.

  5. We learnt to co-operate together to make oragami.

  6. I learned how to make some origami animals like a snake and i leaned how to work co-operatly.

  7. Them villages are so good that I wish I made one.

  8. I learned how to make some origami animals by doing a zoo and and I leaned how to work co-operatly.

  9. I like me doing that video

  10. i lurnt haw to put The line on line

  11. I leant to make an origami farm with my group we all worked together and made a really good one

  12. I like doing the origami because it is fun to make things

  13. Hi!It took us a long time to do it.Bye!

  14. i relly miss doing oragamiyou can make a mobile!

  15. Wow these origami creations are fantastic, 4OQ – well done everyone!

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