Paper Aeroplane experiment

September 13, 2010
WELCOME to our paper aeroplane experiment!

Our question is what sort of paper aeroplane goes the furthest longest or shortest?

We done a experiment about paper aeroplanes. We tested them in the corridor outside our classroom but we didn’t get the answer.

Then we tested them outside and we kept on testing until we got the answer. We finally got the answer! The answer was the larger the paper aeroplane was the furthest it will go.

How to do this experiment:

You will need:
A paper aeroplane
A meter stick
A list to keep track who´s won
A pencil
Sellotape to tell you were to start from.

First of all you have to stick the sellotape to the floor where you are going to throw the paper aeroplane from.

Secondly you throw the aeroplanes but make sure you throw them all lightly so the test is fair.

Thirdly with the meter stick you measure how far the paper aeroplanes have gone.

Next get your paper and pencil and write down how far every paper aeroplane goes.

Finally you write down who is the winner.

That is the end of our experiment. You can make different paper aeroplane! Hope you had fun doing the experiment. you can design your paper aeroplanes as well! Bye-Bye!


  1. Two keys to a successful paper aeroplane — balance and stability. The best shape is the delta (paper dart) Make a double fold to get the pointed shape, then fold the wings out leaving a sensible sized ‘fuselage’. Get it right and you’ll find about one third of the wing area should be ahead of the balancing point. The trailing edges should be upturned slightly to act as a horizontal stabiliser. Adjust as necessary. You can induce turns either with differential use of the stabilisers, or by making the end of the fuselage into a rudder. Notice that the tighter you turn, the more there’s a tendency to dive. Compensate with more stabiliser upturn, and reflect on why this is — it’s a universal property of every aircraft that turning is paid for by loss of lift from the wings. So much aerodynamics to learn here if you observe carefully and reflect on why things are happening. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the advice I hope we will try it one day

      • We have all reddy. weve done the hole topic.

    • Thank you for that way to make paperaeroplanes and you can see me in the middle of the photo.Please can you see our comments in the future. thank you. Can you give me more idears.

    • There is a good way to make a paper aeroplane is to make sure the wings are facing upwards not downward if it is upward it will go further.

    • There is a good way to make a paper aeroplane is to make sure the wings are facing upwards not downward if it is upward it will go further. bye

  2. That way of making a paper aeroplane is epressive thanks.

  3. Thank you for your reply any way have a good time!

  4. Thank you for checking our b;log and thank you for your reply.!

  5. wow if yoU know any other paper aioplanes you can make please reply to us thanks.

  6. Hello 4OQ
    What a great experiment, you showed real persistence to keep going until you could answer your question – well done.
    have you seen this great site? It has lots of different aeroplanes to make!
    We were wondering if different types of big aeroplanes would fly different distances. What do you think?

    • Mrs p

      we eventually got the answer so we did do a good experiment. It was really fun.

  7. Oops!
    Here is the great site:

    Sorry – we should have remembered to check before we pressed (publish)!

    • Thanks for the website we have seen the paper aeroplanes. they are relly good. some of the paper aeroplanes did not work but they were good.


  8. Mrs p

    We eventually got the answer so we did do a good experiment. It was really fun.

  9. I loved doing oragami and I can not wait to do the next progect!!!!!!!

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