Aboriginal Artwork

September 9, 2010


  1. These are really impressive – I like the way each of your boomerangs is different even though you have all used the same technique. You all must have been very patient to complete your work with such care.

    I wonder if any of your dot patterns tell a story like the dreamtime aboriginal patterns and symbols.

    They are all really beautiful – well done 4OQ

  2. Well done 4OQ these look even more vibrant now they are finished.

    • And anyway thank you for checking our blog.

    • Thanks!It tuck us a long time to do it.Bye!

  3. Your artworks look great! It takes a lot of time and patience to decorate so beautifully – well done 🙂
    The way you have displayed them on the wall shows them off really well too!

    • Thanks! It took us a long timeto do it.Bye!

  4. I loved doing this artwork!!!!!

  5. i love the henry the ???? do you think you can discribe heny the f1 racer??

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