The new 4OQ!

September 7, 2010

Hello and welcome, this is new 4OQ typing with Mr Quinlan.

We have been painting, and it was really fun. We painted with dots using the rubbers on the end of our pencils. Our paintings were boomerangs and surf boards. We have been doing it because Mrs Haughey showed us some art from people who live in Australia. She brought a boomerang back from Australia. She also brought back a didgeridoo, Mr Purnell played it in our class.

We have been doing origami for the last couple of days, we have been making easy and hard  origami. We have been making paper aeroplanes and some animals. We had a test to see whose went the furthest.


  1. That sounds like lots of fun!
    Do you know how didgeridoos are made?

  2. Hi 4OQ!

    Your paintings look fantastic, the colours are really vivid. I hope you keep having lots of fun and keep us up to date with everything you get up to. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Your boomerang art looks brilliant! I can see you have really concentrated to make such detailed patterns on them! Well done!

  4. Wow your paintings look really exciting. Did you know that some of the symbols use in aborigional art represent things ( http://www.jintaart.com.au/iconography/iconhmpg.htm ) and tell traditional stories?

  5. Hi Year 6

    I’m the Deputy Headteacher at HeathfieldCPS in Bolton and we, like you, are a blogging school. I know Mr. Quinlan and I think you have a brilliant teacher. Your photos look great and I will be coming back regularly coming back to see how you are getting on. I will also get our Year 4’s to visit too.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I used to teach Japanese students and they taught me some great Origami. Some of it can be really hard. What was the most difficult one that you made?

    • Thank you for reading our blog. Origami is hard! The hardest Origami one person made was a dress. Some of us found the bulldog, the japanese Phoenix, the gibbon, sunglasses and the doughnut difficult. We might make a film of making origami, please check it out if we do.


  7. wow that sounds like a lot of fun i bet my year r4 class would enjoy doing that! what else did you find out about australia?

  8. Hi 4OQ! I love your blog, and it is fantastic to see you doing such amazing work already this year. I look forward to reading and seeing your work as you do it. I will encourage as many people as possible to read it! Good luck.

    Steven Horsley,
    Curriculum Advisor

  9. Hi 4OQ! I love your blog- you have done some wonderful work already this week!

    My class loves making origami too- my class had a challenge yesterday to see which group could make the most origami boats in 5 minutes- one group managed to make 17!!

    I look forward to reading your blog and seeing what you get up to this year with Mr Quinlan. I’ll make sure my class checks out your blog! We blog too at 5hhappenings.wordpress.com – but there isn’t much on there at the moment!

    Mr Handley

  10. We are the Super 7s at Bure Park Primary in Bicester. We really like your blog. We think your paintings look fantastic and look very interesting. Only a few of us have tried oragami.
    Here is our blog http://www.bureparkclass7.wordpress.com.

  11. Hello everyone in Class 4OQ. I’ve just read though your post and I love your artwork. I’m looking forward to following your blog over the year to see what you get up to and what you are learning with Mr Quinlan.

  12. I liked doing Kandinsky work.Kandinsky was born in 1866 and died in 1944 at the age of 77 the month his birthday was

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