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Kandinsky work by 4OQ

September 28, 2010

Today we painted some hills and we mixed colours to test them out. We learned to mix the colours and make different shades.

We have been doing some Kandinsky work on our netbooks. We have learned how to go onto Aviary and do shapes and we are learning how to use the tools and see if we can find out more tools. Emilia doesn’t like it as much as photoshop because there are not as many tools and Emily says the mouse is a bit fidgety. The things that are good about aviary is that there are some new things you don’t get on paint.


The Imaginary Worlds

September 25, 2010

In the last few weeks 4OQ have been making imaginary worlds out of shoe boxes and bits of leftover rubbish from home. We have been making them because our literacy is about imaginary worlds too.

By Shaka.

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Meet the new girl in school!

September 24, 2010

This is a new girl, her name is Lesley. She is in 4OQ. If you want to meet her please go to 4OQ’s blog, she is from an imaginary world. In her world there is candyfloss, a chocolate river and we have got a swimming pool. This girl has been made by Ayeera and Madison and she is our brand new friend.


Origami Projects

September 14, 2010

Since the start of term 4OQ have been working on their own projects based on the theme of origami. Here are the finished projects for you to see.

An Origami Zoo

An Origami Village

An Origami Farm

An Origami City

Origami book covers

Origami ‘How-To’ videos

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What did you learn from doing these projects?


Paper Aeroplane experiment

September 13, 2010
WELCOME to our paper aeroplane experiment!

Our question is what sort of paper aeroplane goes the furthest longest or shortest?

We done a experiment about paper aeroplanes. We tested them in the corridor outside our classroom but we didn’t get the answer.

Then we tested them outside and we kept on testing until we got the answer. We finally got the answer! The answer was the larger the paper aeroplane was the furthest it will go.

How to do this experiment:

You will need:
A paper aeroplane
A meter stick
A list to keep track who´s won
A pencil
Sellotape to tell you were to start from.

First of all you have to stick the sellotape to the floor where you are going to throw the paper aeroplane from.

Secondly you throw the aeroplanes but make sure you throw them all lightly so the test is fair.

Thirdly with the meter stick you measure how far the paper aeroplanes have gone.

Next get your paper and pencil and write down how far every paper aeroplane goes.

Finally you write down who is the winner.

That is the end of our experiment. You can make different paper aeroplane! Hope you had fun doing the experiment. you can design your paper aeroplanes as well! Bye-Bye!


Aboriginal Artwork

September 9, 2010


The new 4OQ!

September 7, 2010

Hello and welcome, this is new 4OQ typing with Mr Quinlan.

We have been painting, and it was really fun. We painted with dots using the rubbers on the end of our pencils. Our paintings were boomerangs and surf boards. We have been doing it because Mrs Haughey showed us some art from people who live in Australia. She brought a boomerang back from Australia. She also brought back a didgeridoo, Mr Purnell played it in our class.

We have been doing origami for the last couple of days, we have been making easy and hard  origami. We have been making paper aeroplanes and some animals. We had a test to see whose went the furthest.